Atlassian Bought Trello a Butler

Atlassian has been on a bit of a sales purge recently, selling off ersatz Slack competitors and divesting of Jitsi for video conferencing. As a result, I image the company will be even more focused on improving Trello, their successful project management solution.

As part of that, Atlassian decided to buy Butler, a startup launched in 2016 to automate Trello workflows. The goal here is to provide a solution for some of the more banal routine tasks in project management. Butler uses natural language to set up rules and policies to alleviate what would otherwise be busy work.

I’ll be interested to see how Butler is integrated into Trello. The solution had been available as a Power-Up, but some of it’s core functionality will reportedly be integrated into the base Trello product. I imagine it will operate similar to Zapier, with basic automation available to all users, but more sophisticated or high volume tasks requiring a business or enterprise account.

It’ll be interesting how deep the integrations go on Trello, and if it’ll totally edge out more general purpose solutions from Zapier and IFTTT.

Source: Venture Beat

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