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AWS Rolls Out Graviton2 M6g instances

ARM in the datacenter used to be little more than a square in IT buzzword bingo. But it seems like we’re coming closer to having the idea be a more practical option, if the 800-pound public cloud gorilla in the room has anything to say about it.

Amazon began making its new Graviton2-based M6g instances generally available, marking it’s second homegrown ARM instance option and a big increase in its capabilities. AWS claims Graviton2 offers 40% more performance than its predecessor. Configurations will be available in 8 sizes, offering anywhere from 1-64  cores with up to 256 GB of memory. This can either be abstracted using AWS’ Nitro or on bare metal.

While ARM isn’t going to storm the enterprise overnight, AWS must be seeing more than curious interest to invest in another chip revision. While they weren’t the first cloud provider to offer ARM instances, continued investment from AWS into ARM means it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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