Data Scientist – The Next Highly Demanded IT job?  Or Not?

With Big Data being all the rage in IT, it’s no wonder there are a lot of call for data scientists within organizations. The problem is, what exactly does this entail? It’s an emergent enough space that no clear cut certification are guaranteed for any expected hire.

Gina Rosenthal looks at a sample of recent postings for data scientist positions on LinkedIn. She tries to determine just what exactly organization want when they put out these postings.

She finds the definition of the job title is surprising fluid, and while many have the same basic ideas, the actual qualifications and expectations can vary wildly.

Gina Rosenthal comments:

Data scientist is the hot new job role. Some have even called it the sexiest job of the century. However, when you look at some of the job postings for data scientists, it seems like this job title could mean many different things. I’ve seen everything jobs advertised as “data scientists” that are actually descriptions […]

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