Dell EMC Ethernet Switching Update

Sadly, Gestalt IT can’t be on the ground to cover the announcements directly from Dell EMC World 2017. But when people like John Herbert are there, it’s just as good. He provides some great insight into how Dell EMC is finally differentiating their networking group from an afterthought to a viable option. John also gives a rundown of the updates to their switch lineup.

MovingPackets.net comments:

I’m at the Dell EMC World 2017 conference in Las Vegas this week, and I’ve been enjoying catching up on what the network group has been up to. In my previous experience, the legacy Dell Networking products have unfortunately been seen as those things that get thrown in when you buy a rack of servers. In other words, they lacked credibility or worse, the rack would come with another vendor’s switches in them, reinforcing the idea that Dell’s own products weren’t up to the job.


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