Dreaming of SCM but living with NVDIMMs…

Do you like IOPS? How about millions of IOPS? Ray Lucchesi gives a breakdown of NVDIMMs, including where they are at in terms of development and usability. What surprised me was how relatively robust the hardware is compared to the software. Right now there is no standard on how to address the disks on a file system level, which is needed to really leverage their faster performance. It’s an interesting introduction into the technology.

RayOnStorage Blog comments:

Last months GreyBeards on Storage podcast was with Rob Peglar, CTO and Sr. VP of Symbolic IO. Most of the discussion was on their new storage product but what also got my interest is that they are developing their storage system using NVDIMM technologies. In the past I would have called NVDIMMs NonVolatile RAM but with … Continue reading “Dreaming of SCM but living with NVDIMMs…”

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