Drobo + Nexsan = StorCentric

StorCentric emerged from stealth this summer with a bit of a bang. The unknown company acquired both Nexsan and Drobo, instantly giving them a wide storage portfolio for customers.

ActualTech Media got to talk with StorCentric CTO Gary Watson with how he sees each part working together. This gives them an interesting play to combine a more prosumer focused edge storage with Drobo to core petabyte-scale offerings with Nexsan. If they can offering a unification of these halves, while combating some of the performance limitations Drobo has been known for, it could be interesting.

Gary mentions maybe moving a BeyondRAID-like technology to more of the Nexsan side, which I’m skeptical about. Drobo’s virtualized RAID seems inherently slow in order to offer convenience to less technical users. Adding dual-controllers to an edge Drobo device is a lot more interesting.

Source: ActualTech Media


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