Eclipse Logistics

Traveling to get a better view of the solar eclipse? You may be disrupting valuable transportation logistics! Never fear, Big Data is coming to the rescue.

Interesting article about the spikes in traffic surrounding the celestial occurrence, and how companies are using predictive analytics to mitigate disruption. My favorite part? Wyoming is expecting 600,000 additional vehicles on its roads due to the eclipse. This is more than the population of the entire state! Not sure if the extra traffic or Wyoming’s spartan population density is more surprising.

Kelly Hill comments:

Major traffic snarls are expected today across the country, as eager eclipse watchers don their glasses and vie for the best view in the “path of totality” that extends from Oregon to South Carolina. This poses a host of transportation issues, for both long-haul and local trucking companies which have vehicles on the road, according to Kelly Frey, VP of marketing for Telogis, part of Verizon Telematics.

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