HCI Storage Efficiency

Hyperconverged Infrastructure can offer convenience. But as HCI has moved from exciting new technology to established enterprise deployment, questions arise as to how efficient HCI is, and what costs come with its simplified approach.

Howard Marks published a series of post looking into this issue. In this part, he’s looking at the impact of cluster size on overall storage efficiency. Since HCI systems don’t come with hot spares like a storage array, administrators must designate a node’s worth of storage capacity for a rebuild.

This post maps out some of the economies of scale, breaks down efficiency by how data is protected, and looks at some implementation specifics that might also impact efficiency.

Howard Marks comments:

In this episode of As the Cluster Turns we’re going to look at how HCI cluster size impacts the storage component of an HCI solution. While My Google Sheet from part one compared clusters with the same total SSD capacity that analysis ignored data protection and the impact of cluster size on data protection efficiency.

Read more at: Storage Efficiency and HCI Cluster Size

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