IPv6 Q&A For The Home Network Nerd

If consumers understand IPv6 at all, it’s probably at a very high level. There’s a lot of fear, uncertainty, doubt surround the transition away from IPv4. Maybe this isn’t much of a concern for networking folks who know the ins and outs of it. But for general consumers, no matter how informed, it can all seem confusing.

Luckily, Ethan Banks wrote up a great overview for a general geeky audience. He did this is advance of his appearance on the Daily Tech News Show podcast, which is worth a listen to in its own right. But the next time you hear someone spewing some IPv6 FUD, shoot them this link.

Ethan Banks comments:

I was a guest on the Daily Tech News Show, episode 2957A. We chatted about the news of the day, then had an IPv6 discussion aimed at folks who are curious, but haven’t had a chance to work with v6 yet. My goal was to dispel FUD and spread the gospel of IPv6 to the nerdy public.

For those of you that listened to the show, here’s the text I’d prepped. We didn’t get to all of this when recording, so you might find more information here to inspire your IPv6-related Google-fu.

Read more at: IPv6 Q&A For The Home Network Nerd

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