What is it like to be a SysAdmin in the new DevOps world? Part1

Matthew Leib starts a four part series, looking into what it means to be a SysAdmin in the cloud native world of DevOps. No longer can each individual component of data center infrastructure be siloed off to their own domains. To deliver the agility that containers and microservices allow, a SysAdmin’s role fundamentally changes.

Matt lays out the ground work here for the rest of the series. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it develops going forward.

Virtuallytiedtomydesktop’s Blog comments:

Cloud Native versus Traditional – A framework

In traditional IT, the SysAdmin’s role has been established as supporting the infrastructure in its current dynamic. Being able to consistently stand up architecture in support of new and growing applications, build test/dev environments, and ensure that these are delivered quickly, consistently, and with a level of reliability such that these applications work as designed is our measure of success. Most SysAdmins with whom I’ve interacted have performed their tasks in silos. Network does their job, servers do theirs, and of course storage has their unique responsibility. In many cases, the silos worked at cross purposes, or at minimum, with differing agenda. The rhythms of each group caused for, in many cases, the inability to deliver the agility of infrastructure that the customer required. However, in many cases, our systems did work as we’d hoped, and all the gears meshed properly to ensure our organization’s goals were accomplished.

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