MacOS Has Been Around Longer Than Classic Mac OS

When I first saw this headline, it was kind of shocking. But looking back at screenshots of the original OS X release, you can see that while it may still technically be called the same thing, it’s a vastly different product. It’s changed architectures, toned down the viscous UI of Aqua, and changed it’s name to macOS.

There’s been persistent rumblings and trepidation around the future of macOS since around the time the iPad came out and it became clear what the future of Apple devices would look like. So far the company has kept a pretty strict barrier between the two, there’s not even much crossover in how you interact with the two different operating systems. Regardless, it certainly has had a more stable run than Classic Mac OS, which limped along with a then slumping Apple for years. When the day comes to retire macOS, I wonder if they’ll give it as dramatic of a send off.

Six Colors comments:

Here’s a bit of numerology for you. Today marks 17 years, one month, and 29 days since Mac OS X 10.0 was released on March 24, 2001. That’s a strangely odd number—6,269 days—but it also happens to be the exact length of time between January 24, 1984 (the launch of the original Macintosh) and March 24, 2001.

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