How Much Data is Used For Open Mesh Cloud Management?

Sometimes, you need a champion in life. In Lee Badman’s case, he’s not just any champion, he’s a newly minited Cisco Champion! In this fun little journey, based on a Twitter comment, he investgates just how much data Open Mesh APs are using. The end result is interesting enough, but Lee’s “gonzo blogging” makes the whole post entertaining to go through.

wirednot comments:

You got questions, I got answers.

You see, I’m not just a network guy … Nossir,  there’s so much more. My cranium is enormous, I could be a male model, and I’m learning the Ukulele. I’m a CWNE, a newly minted Cisco CHAMPION (that’s right, Bucko- a champion– I might even run in the Kentucky Derby this year), but I’m also a gonzo bloggist. I don’t write the story. I live the story.  Hell, frequently I am the story.


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