PCIe versus Ethernet in a Composable System

In response to a reader question on his look at Liqid’s composable infrastructure, Russ White frames an interesting question: is it easier to extend PCIe to support switching, and longer runs, or is it easier to design an entire protocol to (effectively) run PCIe over Ethernet? Liqid developed their solution based on former, but other composable infrastructure projects prefer an Ethernet based approach. It’s an interesting look into the benefits and drawbacks of both.

rule 11 reader comments:

I posted a link to a worth reading story last week about Liqid’s composable hyperconverged system. A reader (Vova Moki) commented on the LinkedIn post with this question—

Although I don’t understand how much faster is the PCIe than regular NICs?

Excellent question!

Read more at: PCIe versus Ethernet in a Composable System

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