Rook is the New Flocker?

Flocker is dead, long live Rook! Or maybe not. Chris Evans gives a look at this ersatz replacement to the recently deceased Flocker, who decided to shutdown in December when they released they had no path to revenue, bucking typical venture capital wisdom.

So what specifically is Rook doing? It’s a scale-out open-source storage solution that works on top of Ceph. This is a particular bone of contention for Chris. Rook justifies the use of Ceph exclusively because of it’s history in production deployments. But for Chris, he sees it as a pretty big assumption that anyone would choose to use Ceph in a vacuum. Unlike Flocker, it at least offers object, block and file interfaces.

Chris is withholding judgement until he gets it up and running. Persistent storage for containers needs better solutions, maybe Rook’s tighter integration with the orchestration layer is the way to do it. I’m definitely interested to see what Chris has to say after playing with it for a while.

Chris Evans comments:

At the end of 2016 ClusterHQ, the developers of Flocker decided to shut down the project with a rather blunt blog post (link).  Rather than take additional funding, CEO Mark Davis (and presumably the board) decided to shut the company down on the assumption that it wasn’t clear where revenue would come from. Based on… Read more »

Read more at: rook.io – an attempt at Flocker 2.0

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