It’s time…or is it? Choosing to stay at a job or move on.

Invoking The Clash to start off a blog post is alway a risky proposition. While I would prefer to invoke the beginning of Know Your Rights for most prospective posts, Steve Hood instead turns to one of the band’s more recognizable tunes to talk about choosing to move to a new position.

I recently made a similar move back in 2016 when I decided to come to Gestalt IT. While certainly not the same kind of technical IT role Steve is clearly referencing in his piece, I found most of it rang true to a lot of my own internal decision making process. He breaks down the decision about a new position on four criteria: logistics (including commute), the future (pay and foreseeable family situation), work environment, and the team you’ll be working with.

This is also contextualized by looking at it in 1, 3, 5, and 10 year increments. It’s easily to see the short term gains in a new position over the course of a year or so, but having a longer term outlook changes the game to a certain degree. Perhaps the hardest thing to grapple with in these situations is that there really isn’t a clearly right answer. But at least Steve lays out a way for you to make a justifiable decision when considering future employment.

Steve Hood comments:

Comparing jobs made my indecisiveness even worse. So I wrote up a new method to compare the jobs based on four criteria: The logistics, future, environment, and team. It helped me and I hope it helps you. Please note that there is enough out there on the internet covering compensation and work-life balance, so I pretty much leave them out.

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