What constitutes a successful backup?

Have you ever thought about what a backup is? I mean really think about it? I hadn’t until I read this piece by Preston de Guise. It seems that most of what I had thought about backups was either a tautology (a successful backup is a…backup), or relied on unspoken assumptions.

Luckily, I now have a ten point list to qualify what exactly makes up a successful backup. Some of the items are evident, like if it was successful. But others were things I never considers, such as the time it takes to perform one. Others were completely surprising, like verification that a backup was successful.

Overall, it’s a great piece to really wrap your head around something you probably took for granted.

NetWorker Information Hub comments:

A seemingly straight-forward question, what constitutes a successful backup may not engender the same response from everyone you ask. On the surface, you might suggest the answer is simply “a backup that completes without error”, and that’s part of the answer, but it’s not the complete answer.


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