StorageOS Now Available for Your Container Storage Needs

I first got a look at StorageOS when they presented at Tech Field Day back in late 2016. They recently announce general availability for their persistent container storage solution. Dan Frith runs down why this should be a big deal for applications. He highlights their architecture, which runs as a container on each node to provide both the control and data planes. The company founders came from a financial background, and Dan thinks this shows with their focus on performance and availability.

Persistent storage is still a developing story with containers. It’s still a bit of the Wild West, there’s no consensus on how the problem will be solved. Docker took some steps to address this down the road with the acquisition of Infinit in 2016. But StorageOS has been at this for a little while, and have put together a solution that’s cloud-native and well thought out.

Dan Frith comments:

What’s StorageOS? According to Brandon it’s “[a] software-defined, scale-out/up storage platform for running enterprise containerized applications in production”. The “buzz” is that StorageOS is now generally available for purchase and they’ve secured some more funding.

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