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Amazon Steers Toward Healthcare

Amazon is set to change its course. In a recent announcement, the tech giant revealed that it has officially signed a merger agreement to acquire One Medical. One Medical is a primary care company in the US that is known for its online telehealth services. On its portal, patients can connect with healthcare professionals virtually and get medical advice. This is one of the biggest news coming out of the tech industry in 2022. It makes obvious that Amazon, regardless of its epic success in retail and tech, does not plan on sticking to just those sectors. Its next stop is healthcare.

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Ben Kepes, an entrepreneur and tech evangelist and a Field Day delegate talks about what this acquisition may mean for the US healthcare industry. He writes,

Recently I wrote an article about the Buy Now, Pay Later space. For those who didn’t read it, BNPL is a modern(ish) take on the lay buy we all used to use as kids – just done far worse. As I wrote in my article, the BNPL space has seen a huge amount of turbulence in recent months as default rates skyrocket, customer acquisition plateaus and the winds of a stricter regulatory regime blow in the general direction of these disruptors.

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