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Dell Makes New Additions to Its Hybrid Multi-Cloud Service Offerings

Dell Technologies is adding new things to its product line in 2022. This quarter, it is announcing the APEX Multi-Cloud Data Services which is basically storage and data security as-a-service. First announced in 2020, APEX is a solution designed to make hybrid multi-cloud a protected and easily navigable environment for enterprises where data, workloads and applications can be managed and maintained efficiently. Kubernetes-enabled, it is going to bring to enterprises storage and support for applications and developers like any cloud service but across different platforms.

With their eyes set on making on-prem service deals more cloud-like and supporting developments, maintenance, access, and deployments alike, Dell enables APEX for both hybrid multi-cloud and public cloud platforms. With APEX, Dell focuses on key things like single point access, backup for applications, scalable storage and support for decentralized workloads. The APEX Multi-Cloud Data Services is coming soon, hopefully by the end of this quarter.

Image: Corey Dirrig (c) Gestalt IT

Other projects that Dell has in pipeline are Alpine and extension of its Kubernetes support. Chris Mellor covers all these and more in greater detail in his blogpost- “Dell amps up its APEX hybrid multi-cloud portfolio- with more to come.” He starts by reporting:

“Dell Technologies is announcing storage and data protection services across the on-premises and multiple public cloud environments, along with enhanced Kubernetes support for enterprises adopting hybrid multi-cloud and cloud-native app development.”

Get updated on all new things that are coming out of Dell this year by reading Mellor’s article “Dell amps up its APEX hybrid multi-cloud portfolio- with more to come.” on Blocks & Files.

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