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StorONE’s New Drive-Based Pricing Model

StorONE introduced a new Scale-for-Free pricing program which for a change, charges customers for the drives used, and not for the full capacity. Not an entirely new concept, but it is telling of what the market is driving towards – a cheaper or at least more agile alternative pricing model.

Chris Evans, long-time IT professional and Field Day delegate reviews the StorONE pricing model. In his article titled “StorONE introduces drive-based pricing – is this a better deal for customers?” he discusses what’s great about it and what could be improved. He writes,

The correct solution to the tiering and performance problem is either to build systems out of one tier only (the Pure Storage approach) or rewrite the storage I/O stack to cater for the challenges experienced with using tiered media.  The all-flash route certainly works for some customers, but the economics becomes a significant factor, with flash still way more expensive than hard drive media on a simple $/TB basis.

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