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Veeam Software Joins the League of Tech Companies Suspending Sales in Russia

In protest against the war in Ukraine, Veeam Software has decided to cease sales in Russia. With that, Veeam Software joins the growing body of companies that have decided to limit their services in Russia in show of their support for Ukraine. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Meta have led the way by halting their sales in Russia earlier in response to the Russian invasion.

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Veeam Software’s CEO Anand Eswaran wrote a blog on this declaring the company’s position in the recent war in Ukraine. While some companies have stood a neutral ground fearing a negative impact on their sales figures, Veeam Software, a company of Swiss and Russian origin has gone the extra mile by extending full production level support for government and business organizations in Ukraine. This little step goes a long way in enabling Ukrainian entities to protect their data from possible cyber attacks.

Chris Mellor covers this story in detail in his article- “Veeam stops sales in Russia over invasion of Ukraine”. In his article, he writes,

Backup supplier Veeam has declared it will no longer sell its products in Russia in response to the country’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Veeam CEO Anand Eswaran issued a blog post about “Veeam’s Actions in Support of Ukraine” in which he confirmed: “Veeam has paused all sales in Russia.

To read the full story, check out his article “Veeam stops sales in Russia over invasion of Ukraine” on Blocks & Files.

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