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Blocks & Files recently published an interview with author and technical evangelist, W Curtis Preston, aka “Mr. Backup”. In the interview, Preston shared a wealth of information about backup from his experience of working 30 years in the storage industry.

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The author of Backup & Recovery, and long-time Field Day delegate said,

The biggest advancement in the last three decades – no question – is deduplication.  VTLs were a bandaid. PBBAs are being replaced by SaaS. Very few people are using LTO in their backup systems. Yes, many are moving their backups to the cloud. But virtually all advancements in backups in the last two decades have dedupe to thank for them, because dedupe makes the physics and cost of backing up to disk and the cloud possible.

Read the interview – “Mr Backup spills the beans on 30 years in the storage industry” to know about the biggest advances in backup in the past years, the reason why tape is still a great option, backup in times of ransomware, and much more from an industry veteran. For more stories like this, sign up to our mailing list today.

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