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Zoom as a Video Production Platform Shows It Knows That Online Events Aren’t Going Away

In October, 2021 Gartner named Zoom Video Communications a leader in meeting solutions. To those of us who read the news, this was not a surprise. It’s about time that the company which literally got businesses going through the impossible times that were the whole of last two years and still ongoing got some recognition.

Zoom has been the virtual office for people working from faraway locations for companies around the world since pre-pandemic times, but it was in the last two years that its true value came to be understood when it effectively brought organizations together in a location neutral space and seamlessly kept things on the roll.

For those of you who do not know, Zoom has its fair share of ups and downs prior to the pandemic years. For some time, the company was aggressively working towards becoming a customer support business. That didn’t work out very well. However, more recently, Zoom made an acquisition and that points at the fact that days of diversification are well behind now for Zoom is all set on becoming exclusively a video distribution and production company.

It’s merger with Liminal, a startup software company with just 5 employees was originally intended to help Liminal turn Zoom into a media company for video producers and that’s strategy has worked out favorably.

Kurt Marko narrates the story in his blog Zoom as a video production platform shows it knows that online events aren’t going away. In his blog he writes,

Zoom is exploiting the financial and customer acquisition windfall it reaped from the stampede as organizations emptied offices to WFH, which caused an accompanying replacement of in-person meetings and events with online video conferences and webinars.

Make sure that you check out Kurt’s blog to learn his views on Zoom as a video production platform and the direction the company is taking in today’s world of hybrid work culture.

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