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Security Isn’t Natural

The Internet, email, and IP addressing operate much differently than initially intended. Because of this, privacy and security were overlooked in the design process, even though they are vital today. We need security, now more than ever, as most of our connections occur online. Organizations and individuals rely on Internet tools like email to handle mountains of sensitive information that could be easily hijacked by malicious actors. Without Solutions Architects thinking about ways to protect our privacy, the advantages of connectivity might be overshadowed by security concerns.

Zöe Rose comments:

Humans are social beings; we need the collaboration and connection of our communities. These communities can be local, or in many cases – such as my own, our online communities are vital to maintaining mental health and wellbeing. To feel a sense of value, I need to have mutually beneficial relationships*. Be it talking to a friend, colleague, or my partner, I need to know that the value I receive is mirrored back. Due to this need for collaboration, we seek out others with the hope that they…

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