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The Angry Co-Worker

Solving customer problems is the reason we’re all in business. As an individual contributor, one may get an idea, create a proof of concept, and want to share it with management and the rest of the team. But what happens when your idea isn’t immediately adopted by the company? Do you get emotional and take the rejection personally or can you keep it professional? Worse yet, do you place blame on your coworkers for not understanding the brilliant idea you presented?

As a technologist in a company, you have to sell your ideas to the people within the business. It’s up to you to refine your “pitch” so that you not only meet the business needs but your customers (colleagues) understand how your idea meets their needs. This detailed post by Brian Gleason examines how to handle hostile coworkers both as an individual contributor and as a manager.

Brian Gleason comments:

We’ve all had them. Colleagues that fight you at every turn and then get upset when you have legitimate concerns about a project they lead. As an individual contributor, what do you do about this? As a manager, how do you foster peace and harmony while maintaining forward progress?


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