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AP Ladder

Blake Krone of Digital Lifestyle comments:

I’ve always felt that the best way to lab and test wireless gear is in the same orientation that it’ll be installed, for most that is a little hard to do as you don’t have a drop down ceiling grid in your home. Luckily my office did have a ceiling grid, so I was able to hang them all up. As you can see it allowed me to have proper orientation for ceiling mounted APs that I would be testing, and it worked quite well. But then my office got a little water damage so a remodel was in line, I used a new ceiling grid system that mounts directly to the joists, this made it hard to simply push up a tile and run cable or mount an AP so I had to come up with a new solution. I wanted something that was still flexible and easy to change the APs out, contain a patch panel for plugging in the APs back to the rack, and it needed to provide the same proper orientation.

A great project from Blake Krone in case you need to hang a bunch of access points in your office. DIY for APs is a great idea.

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