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Automating and Enforcing a Consistent vSphere Configuration

Chris Wahl of Wahl Network comments:

It’s always a good idea to enforce consistency for any environment as it leads to a predictable stack that better aligns architecture to reality. As a bit of a self-challenge, I wanted to write a set of PowerShell scripts that would use a defined list of configuration state values to walk through my vSphere environment and correct any deviations from what was declared to be normal. This seemed especially important for my lab, which is in an ever-shifting state. Additionally, the use of raw PowerShell (and PowerCLI cmdlets) meant that I didn’t need to install or configure anything else – basically, a freebie lab tool. And, well, it was sort of fun to tinker with.

Consistency is not the hobgoblin of small minds. In IT, it’s the key to not pulling your hair out when trying to keep your infrastructure consistent.

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