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Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure: Nexus 9000

Bob McCouch from Herding Packets writes:

The keystone product that Insieme Networks was working on as part of their strategy that developed into ACI was the Nexus 9000 line. Nexus 9500 is a chassis switch, intended primarily for large data center spine nodes (with the ability to scale up to 288 line rate 40G ports per chassis), and the 9300 line are mostly-fixed-configuration units intended primarily as data center leaf nodes with 10G access and 40G uplinks – although even Cisco acknowledges that they could make a good collapsed aggregation/access layer switch in a more traditional design, especially with Nexus 2000-series FEX hung off of them.

Bob has a great overview of the Cisco ACI announcements. Read on for his take on the new Nexus switches and other fun things.

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