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Cisco NBase-T – lipstick on your Cat5e pig

Hans de Leenheer comments on his blog:

The BYOD pipe is just too small

The last presentation for the day was for Peter Jones, principal engineer at Cisco and chairman at the NBase-T alliance. He came to present us MultiGigabit Ethernet (2.5Gbps / 5.0Gbps). My immediate reaction was: who the hell needs a 2.5 and 5.0 GbE standard if we already have 10GbE being rolled out and 40GbE or even 100GbE up and coming?

While 10/40/100GbE are indeed being deployed, this is mainly in the datacenter itself. Interconnects between server clusters or frontned/backend of storage arrays/clusters. But what if we want more than 1GbE to the end-points?

Hans has his take on the NBASE-T Alliance and their multigig Ethernet specification. Since their working group was finally authorized to hold meetings, expect to hear more news coming soon!

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