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Cisco Starts to Figure Out Invicta

Jason Nash’s  comments on his blog:

WHIPTAIL helped fill a gap in Cisco’s datacenter portfolio, storage.  But it’s far more important than that and much more of a longterm strategic move.  Cisco has, arguably, the best server platform in the business which some distinct advantages over other architectures.  The goal is to leverage the software and other IP from the WHIPTAIL acquisition to very closely integrate UCS with flash storage and automate it with UCS Director.  It’s not hard to imagine the possibilities when you start looking at what you can do with the combination of these products.  They’ll be able to offer very fast access to storage across the fabric interconnects or a centralized flash caching solution.  It’s intriguing, for sure.  The sooner they start showing integration with UCS and UCS Director the better.  That’s going to be their key differentiator in an increasingly crowded market.

Cisco turned heads with the purchase of Whiptail. Now, let’s see how this integration is going to benefit UCS.

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