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DataGravity — First Look

James Green of VirtAdmin comments:

Perhaps you’ve heard of  DataGravity  (@DataGravityInc), or perhaps you haven’t. They’ve been staying pretty quiet about what they’ve been working on. Today, however, they’re dropping the veil. Read on for a look into what you can expect from this exciting announcement!

What DataGravity has announced today with their  Discovery Series  is a storage array that is introspective and knows about the data being stored to a level that I’ve never seen before. Imagine if you could ask your  array, “Who has accessed this file? How often? How old is it? Can you grab me a previous version of that?” This product does many things that we already have the ability to do with other tools; the  difference between DataGravity and other like-tools  is that this tool  is providing you data about  itself. Other tools look at your data and try to collect as much information as possible. This array has enough inherent intelligence to look at all the data being written and accessed and give you copious amounts of meta-information, all in realtime and without impact to production.

Here’s a great look at DataGravity, which announced what they’re working on today! Don’t forget to check out their presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld.

Read more at:  DataGravity — First Look

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