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I was DevOps before it was cool — My Pets and Cattle story

Jonathan Frappier of Virtxpert comments:

I was DevOps before it was cool and had trendy tools like Ansible and Docker

This example precedes the DevOps movement we are currently in. I was working at a HR SaaS company in 2007, deployment times were in hours, migrations as well as backups were days. Our problem, nothing was standardized; some customers were on servers with one OS and one version of the software and others were on another server with a different OS and very few were configured the same way. Same with our database layer, some were on default instances, some on named instances, some with DB and log backups, some without and none of the DB dumps were in the same location.

It’s funny to see how some forward thinking organizations had already built DevOps before everyone else jumped on board. I wonder how many of those teams are still functioning?

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