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Docker essentials — Images and Containers

Jon Langemak of Das Blinken Lichten comments:

I’ll admit, I jumped into docker pretty quickly and found that I was getting a little ahead of myself.   After much googling and discussion, I’ve come to realize a couple things about docker that I think are well worth sharing.   I’m hoping to share them through a series of ‘Docker Essentials’ type posts.

NOTE: My first post was going to be about how to interact with docker on the CLI.   However, there are lots of other resources out there for that.   Namely, the really awesome docker documentation.   In addition, the CLI provides help/syntax on commands as well.   I’ll list a couple of resources that I used and try to explain along the way, but if you don’t recognize a command I’m using look it up!  

Containers are becoming a very hot topic in server virtualization and no one is hotter than Docker. Read on for an overview from Jon.

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