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Enterprise storage array with X-ray vision: DataGravity

Joep Piscaer of Virtual Lifestyle comments:

Remember how I promised to get back to you about a certain Super Secret Awesomesauce Company? In particular, the  Super Secret Awesomesauce Company  has me so excited that I want to shout it off the rooftops, but I’m afraid I can’t, at least not just yet. Check back on the 19th of August, and you might be in for a very cool surprise. Joep Piscaer, ‘Tech Field Day Extra (#EVMWU14) at VMworld 2014: check!‘ Well, here goes. …

I think Joep is excited about the “awesomesauce” that DataGravity has in store for our Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld delegates.  Tune in and get excited too!

Read more at:  Enterprise storage array with X-ray vision: @DataGravityInc

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