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Erasure Coding and RAIN

Andrea Mauro of vInfrastructure Blog comments:

When you talk about data protection against hardware failure in storage system, probably RAID(Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is the first technology that you think.

RAID could be hardware or software based, and in the second case it can be implemented (with functions similar to RAID, but not necessary the same) also at the filesystem level (think about ZFS, for example).

But with the new hard disk drive (HDD) capacities edging upwards (6TB HDDs are now available) the traditional RAID is becoming increasingly problematic both for the rebuild time and the bottleneck related to each single disk.

Erasure coding is the new rage in SANs to help prevent data loss, but RAIN is starting to look like a credible competitor as well. Read on for Andrea’s take on these technologies.

Read more at: Erasure Coding and RAIN

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