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Fibre Channel is better than Ethernet…

Eric Smith of Brass Tacks comments:

Although this blog post isn’t an April fool’s joke, I do greatly appreciate them when they are done well. As a result I’m slightly in awe of the amount of thought Tony Bourke has put into his last three (2013, 2014 and 2015).  Truth be told, I’m actually kind of honored that he sees me as the poster child for FC/FCoE (at least based on his tweets from April 1st).  To save you a bit of reading, his posts all rest upon the idea that FC is yesterday’s technology, has one foot in the grave, and is desperately trying to prevent itself from being swallowed by the stork by any means necessary.

Fibre Channel is most definitely not Ethernet. Erik raises some great points here about the suitability of FC for storage.

Read more at: Fibre Channel is better than Ethernet…

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