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Is This The End of IBM Blade Servers?

Kevin Houston of Blades Made Simple comments:

Having gone through an acquisition or two, I can tell you a few things will probably happen — first, it’ll be “business as usual” for the first year or two.   This means the next cycle of Intel CPUs (Haswell) due to come out in Q4 of 2014 will generate a new product line of servers from all of the server vendors, including IBM.   Although I doubt there will be any BladeCenter blade servers with the Intel Haswell, I’m confident that IBM has already designed and developed new Flex System blade servers with Haswell CPUs.   That has been in the works for 1+ years therefore there is no sense in stopping it from coming to the market.   So, fear not, IBM customers — you’ll have something shiny and new to put in your Flex System.

I’m not sure if the BladeCenter line was part of the Lenovo acquisition, but one thing is for sure – there is a lot of apprehension now among fans of Big Blue’s big iron.

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