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In-Flight Wi-Fi- On the Way to Wireless Field Day 7

Lee Badman of Wirednot writes:

This won’t be one of those wordy blogs; I’ll let the pictures do the talking. And what they’ll say is that Boingo is the service, dual-band Cisco APs are in use, and the coverage is pretty good. Bear in mind, the MD-88 is around 130 feet long in the cabin (like 148 total) and 11 feet wide. In the config I flew in, it seats 155. These situational parameters no doubt have your WLAN design juices flowing. Also note how Delta is making the presence of Wi-Fi on the flight known, and that around a dozen users opted to pay for the service as of this Fing snapshot.

Read on for Lee’s site survey of the plane that carried him to Wireless Field Day 7. Don’t forget to tune in and see the delegates and the presenting companies talk about all things wireless!

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