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Letting Go of the Digital Hoard

I’ll admit it: I’m a hoarder. Not in the traditional reality TV sense of a house overflowing with newspapers and garbage. Instead, I hoard information. I save articles to read later and never look at them again. I favorite and bookmark pages and tweets and pictures and then find them again years later wondering why I even bothered to save it in the first place.

Jed Casey is cut from the same cloth that I am. And he decided enough was enough. Even more radical than Marie Kondo, he decided to just wipe the slate clean and start over again. Why would he make such a radical change? Well, he spells it out pretty clearly here:

My digital hoard contained many different references. Vendor white papers and documentation I’d collected, blog posts and even entire blog websites, all the RFCs, many IEEE documents, various training materials, various presentation slide decks, and so much more. When I first subscribed to O’Reilly Safari, I created browser bookmarks for every book I had already read, and every book I thought I would either read or possibly reference some day. The list grew to nearly 400 books.

You should take a look at the rest of his post to learn more about his motivation and how to decide if it’s time for you to let go too.

Read more at Letting Go of the Digital Hoard.

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