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Link Aggregation on HP Moonshot – A Neat Trick

Chris Marget of Fragmentation Needed comments:

The Broadcom switching OS running on HP’s Moonshot 45G and 180G switches can do a neat trick1 that I haven’t seen on other platforms.

Background: LACP-Individual
The trick revolves around interfaces that are sometimes aggregated, and sometimes run as individuals. Lots of platforms don’t support this behavior. On those platforms, if an interface is configured to attempt aggregation but doesn’t receive LACP PDUs, the interface won’t forward traffic at all. Less broken platforms make this behavior configurable or have some goofy in-between mode which allows one member of the aggregation to forward traffic.

Chris has put in a lot of time with the Moonshot server network system. This little trick he found is a nice bonus!

Read more at: Link Aggregation on HP Moonshot – A Neat Trick

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