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Man Alive! PernixData Unleashes FVP 1.5

Chris Wahl of the Wahl Network comments:

I’m pleased to share with the community that PernixData has released FVP version 1.5, which has been purring in my lab for a number of weeks and really strutting its stuff. In fact, this is the reason behind my somewhat recent shift to upgrade vCenter to version 5.5 — I wanted to play with FVP using its brand new integration into the VMware Web Client 5.5. In this post, you are going to get an exclusive first look at all of the new and improved features that have been baked into FVP 1.5. Lucky you! :-)

Chris gives us a grand tour of the new PernixData FVP 1.5. Read on for his insights. Watch the Pernix Data videos from Storage Field Day 3 here.

Read more at: Man Alive! PernixData Unleashes FVP 1.5

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