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Network Virtualization vs. Network Virtualization

Jason Edelman writes about NSX and network virtualization:

VMware’s NSX officially launched just two weeks ago.   Since the launch, the media has focused on the VMware and Cisco relationship and where that may end up in the future.   That also includes me.   I wrote my own  take  that was recently published by TechTarget on the impact NSX will have on the Cisco/VMware relationship, but when you look at the industry as a whole, it’s more than that.   If we take a step back, it’s not about just VMware and Cisco.  If we use stereotypes (good or bad) in the networking space, Cisco falls into the traditional physical network or incumbent category and VMware falls into the emerging network virtualization category.

NSX is going to make an impact. The question still remains whether it impacts the traditional networking vendors as much as predicted or it impacts the ability of the hypervisor to participate directly in networking to the degree that traditional networking is lessened. Pay attention to this debate as it’s only going to get hotter from here.

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