Overlay Networking Part 1 | Keeping It Classless

Matt Oswalt from Keeping It Classless writes:

Wow. Lots of talk regarding overlay networking, both last week, and now this week. No doubt largely caused by the VMware NSX announcement last week. This post is an attempt on my part to clarify some fundamental ideas regarding overlay networking for my own benefit, but hopefully it helps you too. After all, we’re all learning. I’ll also be referring a LOT to some community content from blogs and twitter, because there’s a lot of great opinions out there. Folks, if you’re not part of this conversation yet, push and shove your way in because this is where the cool stuff is happening right now.

You’ll want to read up on Matt’s overview of overlays before Networking Field Day 6 next week.  I’m sure someone will have something to say about them.

Overlay Networking Part 1 | Keeping It Classless.

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