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Peak Virtualization and Time Dilation

Brandon Riley of virtual insanity comments:

The majority is engaged every single day in making the technology they have execute their business goals. While we are musing about OpenStack, Docker, Swift, etc. these folks are grinding it out with programs that were written long ago, and will never be suitable for those types of cutting edge deployments. I know companies right now who are planning projects to migrate core apps off mainframes. And you know how they’re doing it? They’re basically porting applications over so that they will run on open systems. They’re taking apps written in ALGOL, or COBOL, and writing them the exact same way in a language they can sustain, and deploy on open systems.

Great take from Brandon on the accelerating pace of software development. Given that Docker has already been “eclipsed” by Rocket this week, one wonders when the dilation is going to stop.

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