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Performing A WiFi Survey For A Building That Doesn’t Exist (Yet)

Nigel Bowden of Wifi Nigel comments:

I was recently involved in some work for an organization that had a newly constructed building to expand their, already sizable, campus. The building was a new, state-of-the-art facility that would require ubiquitous WiFi network coverage for a range of devices, including wireless voice handsets.
Like many organisations, they were faced with the challenge of specifying the wireless equipment that they would require long before the building had even started construction. In order to secure the funding they would need for the new wireless infrastructure components (i.e. APs, wireless controllers, licensing), they had to try to anticipate what the new wireless network would look like, taking account of the services that they would require.

Predictive analysis is crucial to make sure you have a good plan going into construction. Thankfully, Ekahau has tools that can help you.

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