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Primary Data is the Nicira of storage!

Enrico Signoretti of Juku comments:

Already $60M in funding, an A+ team of storage personalities, a lot of marketing (with all due respect, I can’t think any different when guys like Steve Wozniak are involved), three R&D sites, out of stealth mode only after one year from its inception, with a bunch of PoCs and a (probably totally immature) product out very soon. There are only two possibilities here: either these guys know exactly what they’re doing or they are totally out of their minds. (I’m for the first one… but, you know, VC funding could easily help to shift towards the second one).

A great look at Primary Data from Enrico. If their technology is as revolutionary as Nicira, it could have some impact on the storage startup landscape.

Read more at: Primary data is the Nicira of storage!

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