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Quotes from K-12 Building Architects vs WLAN Vendors

Keith Parsons of WLAN Pros writes:

Over my travels and meetings with a variety of school districts all across this country, and even some in other countries… I’ve tried to act more like an Architect, than a Value Added Reseller. There is a different point of view and wider scope when you think more like an architect.

I’ve had a chance to meet with many building architects who design for both K-12 and/or Higher Education. I’ve collected a variety of quotes from these meetings — quotes that reflect how Wireless LAN Professionals have been viewed — viewed not from the K-12 customers point of view, but contrasted more against how building architects see their role in designing facilities to help our children learn and grow.

The funny thing about a “rule of thumb” is that it depends entirely on the thumb being used. Never accept one AP per classroom as your yardstick. Make sure you have the right number of APs for the job.

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