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Routing Considerations in DDoS Protection Environments

Daniel Dib of Daniels networking blog comments:

Lately I have done some studying for the CCDE and one of the things I was
looking at is how to protect against DDoS attacks. I’m not expecting it
to be a big topic for the CCDE but it has some interesting concepts relating
to routing. Take a look at the following topology:


There is an attacker at the top left. R1 is the edge device and then there are a
few more routers, all peering BGP with the RR, which is R5. The server of interest
is and there is a scrubbing device to the far right. All routers
peer iBGP from their loopbacks to the RR, including the scrubbing device.

DDoS attacks are becoming more and more prevalent as a method of extortion. Read on for Daniel’s tips on protecting yourself from being on the business end of one.

Read more at: Routing Considerations in DDoS Protection Environments

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