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Ruckus and the MU-MIMO demo at #WFD8

Keith Parsons of Wireless LAN Professionals comments:

I’ve just got to take my hat off to the team at Ruckus Wireless for their successful, yet gutsy move, to do a live demonstration in front of the #WFD8 delegates and on live broadcast streaming video of a MU-MIMO demonstration.

This ranks right up there with Cisco doing 80MHz channel demonstration. So I applaud GT Hill, Sumana Mannem, and Peter Khoury for their efforts in using unstable, and not-ready-for-market custom chipsets in a pair of laptops acting as the MU-MIMO clients.

Good job by Ruckus Wireless and their live demo at Wireless Field Day 8. It takes a certain level of confidence to do this live.

Read more at: Ruckus and the MU-MIMO demo at #WFD8

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