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Using Schprokits to Automate Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric

Jason Edelman’s comments on his blog:

To clarify, I had access to Schprokits and access to Big Switch kit.   Schprokits does not natively support Big Switch integrations (maybe in the future now??).   I worked with the Schprokits team to understand “how to extend” Schprokits and how to create custom actions.   I then worked with Big Switch to ensure I understood their API.  What’s pretty cool is that their CLI uses their API and there is even a command to debug/see the APIs being executed while you are the command line.  But, an important point is the extensibility of each platform.   To extend Schprokits didn’t mean having them write the code or wait for them to get it on their product roadmap.   It meant, as a user, if they don’t support a certain vendor, capability, or action, you have the power to extend the functionality (by the way, this is where coding comes into play).   So, that’s what I did.

Great video of Jason breaking some new ground! Jeremy’s Schprokits project is really taking off in the community, and moving it to Big Cloud Fabric is icing on the cupcake.

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